Financial Planner Gaithersburg MD

Financial Advisor Gaithersburg MDIf you’re looking to hire a financial planner Gaithersburg MD trusts, it may not be the easiest task to figure out how and when to connect with a competent advisor. Many individuals seek help from a financial planner to understand how to financially plan for their future and invest and diversify their assets with the goal of growth. A Gaithersburg financial planner can help you understand these financial products in more depth, but here is an introduction to some of the programs we offer our clients to map out their financial future.
Stocks represent partial ownership of a corporation, its profits, and its assets. You can find thousands of stocks in the United States stock market and their values fluctuate on a daily basis. Stocks can be priced anywhere from a few cents, also known as penny stocks, to thousands of dollars for a single share. Stock market investments may be one main suggestion from the type of financial planner Gaithersburg MD citizens respect. Stocks are a financial vehicle your financial planner can likely advise you on and want to help you with.
Mutual Funds
In regards to mutual funds, this a is a financial scenario in which many investors combine their funds together into money pools and invest. Each investor holds partial ownership in the equity of the investment fund and any fund securities.
A 401(k)is a retirement account that is sponsored by an employer. These types of retirement accounts enable employees to set aside a specific portion of their earned wages in an account that defers taxes. In some instances, employers offer to match their employee’s financial contribution to their 401(k) or provide a specific percentage of the contribution. A financial planner in Gaithersburg MD can help you get your 401(k) plan started today.
An IRA is also a tax-deferred retirement account, and contrary to a 401(k) plan, employers do not sponsor IRA accounts. There are many different types of IRA accounts, such as Roth IRAs, Rollover IRAs, and traditional IRAs. If you’re searching for a financial planner Gaithersburg MD residents trust to open your IRA account, it may be in your best interest to contact CIC Wealth Management and speak to one of our financial planners today.
Asset Allocation
Assets are typically explained as items of value that people own. Asset allocation is known as a financial strategy where a portion of a person’s money is fractioned up into a variety of assets, such as bonds or stocks, with the goal of earning interest and growing the value of the asset over time.
Diversification is a similar strategy to asset allocation, but it is usually applicable to larger investments, as the goal is to extend several investments among many industries and securities in the stock market. The kind of experienced financial planner Gaithersburg MD residents deserve may be able to offer diversification guidance to expand and develop your portfolio.
We understand planning for your future can be an overwhelming task, especially if you’re considering taking it on yourself. If you are looking for financial planning help, it may be a good idea to contact CIC Wealth Management at 202-759-2695 and speak with the type of financial planner Gaithersburg MD is proud to have helping its community.